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本文摘要:A 14-year-old scientist took home $25,000 from a national science competition for inventing a liquid bandage that could replace antibiotics.一个十四岁的科学家发明者了一种可取代抗菌素的液體纱布,在全国各地科学比赛上斩获了25,000美金奖励金。

A 14-year-old scientist took home $25,000 from a national science competition for inventing a liquid bandage that could replace antibiotics.一个十四岁的科学家发明者了一种可取代抗菌素的液體纱布,在全国各地科学比赛上斩获了25,000美金奖励金。Kara Fan from San Diego, CA was won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fan came up with a nano particle liquid bandage that could replace the overuse of antibiotics and potentially reduce the development of superbugs.来源于佛罗里达州圣迭戈的Kara Fan斩获了阿肯色州圣保罗市的3M青年人科学家争霸赛。


Fan发明者了纳米颗粒液體纱布,能解决困难抗菌素诈骗难题,很有可能会缓减超级细菌的发展趋势。I want to show my invention of the nanosilver liquid bandage to more people. I think it is important for more people to be aware of antibiotic-resistance bacteria crisis and do something about it, Fan said.Fan讲到:“我要向更强的人展览我发明者的纳米银抗菌颗粒液體纱布,我强调能让更为多的人了解耐药菌困境并付诸行动是很最重要的。

”The 3M Young Scientist Challenge is a national competition for middle school students that takes place every year. The students are tasked with coming up with an idea or invention that tackles existing issues.3M青年人科学家争霸赛是一年一度的对于中小学生的全国各地比赛,比赛学员的每日任务是明确指出一个解决困难目前难题的好点子或发明者。Ten finalists are chosen to compete for the title of Americas Top Young Scientist and a grand prize of $25,000. After being selected, they work with scientists at to make their idea come to life.10名参加总决赛的运动员被投票表决来竞逐“英国顶级青年人科学家”的称号和25,000美金的巨奖。总决赛运动员被投票表决来以后要和科学家一起将她们的好点子付诸行动。Each contestant is judged on their inventions creativity, scientific knowledge, persuasiveness and communication, and overall presentation.要对每名运动员的发明者自主创新、科学专业知识、感染力和沟通交流力,及其综合性诠释进行评定。

Other finalists included Jaya Choudray, who invented an airflow control robot that works to reduce energy consumption in a home, and Caroline Crouchley, who invented a climate-friendly transportation system that would eliminate the need for a diesel engine or electric motors.别的总决赛运动员有Jaya Choudray,发明者了一个能够提升家中能耗的气旋操控智能机器人;Caroline Crouchley发明者了一种气侯友好往来型城市交通,能够省去对柴油发动机或电机的市场的需求。3M holds the competition for students in grades 5-8 because research has shown that their interest in science fades after these years.3M公司举办这次对于5-8年级学员的比赛是由于科学研究强调近几年来她们对科学的兴趣爱好有一定的消散。